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it is a happiness to wonder, it is a happiness to dream.
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i did some stupid shit and imma need to fix it asap

hey sam, this is a reminder:

go fix that shit tomorrow

1 month ago

so. a fucking creep kissed me today out of nowhere and i just froze and i feel so nauseated and gross and UGH. that fucking asshole, i’m so fucking angry and i KNOW it was NOT my fault. But i can’t help but feel responsible. and yet i know i couldn’t have possibly seen that coming. I’m seriously gonna throw up right now. i already told my friends and they were so supportive and i’m so thankful they didn’t ask me if i gave him any ~~~~signs or shit like that. they told me if he gets near me again they’ll fucking hurt him.

i’m so fucking creeped out right now. i’ve never experienced any type of assault EVER and this is just. jesus christ this feels horrible i feel like i’m not at home in my own body which is fucking ridiculous because it was a kiss but it wasn’t just a kiss it was forceful and horrible and u g h. 

and jesus christ, my birthday is this sunday and i hope i can shake this feeling off. i want that stupid fucking creep DEAD. 

2 months ago

i’m gonna throw up?????????? it seems i actually don’t have to make a payment at college which really saves me a LOT of money!!!!. I’m still suspicious tho, but ugh i don’t even care anymore i don’t even want to go back to college. it’s just. i’m sad. very sad.

((((((((i am going back tho, i just don’t want to)))))))))

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3 months ago

i’ve decided not to go to the cabin, i still need to pay some college things and i really need the money, plus it’s still summer break and i want to spend every second i can with my family, i’m at peace with my decision. i know my friends are gonna be mad at me but hopefully they’ll understand when i tell them my situation, as long as my best friend understands i’m good.

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3 months ago

how do i tell my mom i’m going out to some cabin in the woods in two weeks?????????

3 months ago
1 year ago + 46292

entry #11

i hate absolutely everyone of my college peers and i don’t know what to do because jfc i can’t stand them. i feel like i’m constantly babysitting them and omg i want new friends. 

as always, my high school friends are still lovely. thank god. 

1 year ago

entry #8

i’ve found my soulmates in the form of my best friend and her boyfriend.

it might sound weird but it makes perfect sense to me.

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1 year ago

entry #7

there are a million thoughts dancing through your mind. they are so many they look like ants. 

tiny, minuscule ants running inside you all day long, they never stop. 

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1 year ago // tw: eating disorders -

entry #6

Seeing that your best friends’ relationship is not as perfect as you made it out to be is really eye-opening.

This week’s been hectic as fuck. 

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1 year ago // tw: eating disorders - well this helped. -